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You can participate in managed futures through Arab Global Commodities DMCC through their Individually Managed Accounts. With an individually managed account, a Portfolio Manager manages your money and is invested in commodity or currency futures and options that are traded on Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX).

AGC offers thee classes of managed accounts:

AGC Gold – In this the money is invested only in Gold Futures Contacts. This is beneficial to investors looking for an alternative class of asset and has no inclination towards currency or other commodities.
AGC Currency – In this the money is invested in Currency Contracts. AGC offers three Currencies namely US Dollars against Great Britain Pounds, Euro and Yen.
AGC Portfolio – Here the client’s money is managed by investing in any of the commodities or currencies their portfolio Managers considers.


Beneficial ownership of your portfolio without having to spend time on daily monitoring and adjusting
Timely professional investment decision making that allows you to maximize returns .
A predetermined investment policy setting out how your money will be managed
A quarterly formal portfolio review with your portfolio manager
Consolidated reporting through the AGC Portfolio Service.

Management fees 1% p.a. (charged @0.25% at the end of every quarter on the average of beginning and ending NAV)
Performance Fees 20% on gain in NAV over and above 8% p.a. charged at the end of the year or on withdrawal

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